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Overtone Labs Tune Bot Drum Tuner

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Tune Bot  Drum Tuner




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Overtone Labs Tune-Bot

Tuning a drum is much more time consuming and difficult than a guitar. Yet, until now there was no such thing as a real drum tuner.

After years of research and development, Overtone Labs has finally created a fast, accurate, and effective drum tuner. This new invention is about to change the way you tune your drums, and more importantly, change the way your drums sound.


Lug pitch matching
Measuring and adjusting overall tone
Interval tuning of Toms
Returning to your drums optimal sound every time


Lug pitch measurement
Overall pitch measurement
Frequency and note modes
Overtone filters
Difference mode
80+ Save Slots
Easy to read display with backlight
Drum hoop clip
Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations


Sick Drummer Magazine Issue # 23 - by Dross

It seems to me like Im always on these personal hunts or studies. For instance over the past six months Ive been trying out a million ear-plugs trying to find the very best out there. Ive also been buying loads of drum heads trying the find the ultimate brand, type and combination of drum-heads. Point is I get wrapped up and engulfed in trying to know, learn and test everything there might be to know about a particular thing or subject. The singer I write music with calls that O.C.D. but I refer to it as being bad ass! Since Ive been chasing down the drum-head road as of late it has also got me involved in and thinking more about drum tuning as well. Ive been buying loads of books, testing various tricks, tips and theories as well as picking up various tuning devices. While roaming around the floor of the Winter NAMM show this year I came across the Tune-Bot booth and watched a demonstration. When I got home I made to sure I got a hold of the people over at Overtone Labs so I could get my hands on one of their Tune-Bots and give you guys a full report.

When I was very young I was taught the old school tuning-by-ear method where you tighten the lugs in small, even increments in a cross-lug star pattern until it sounded good. I suppose that method has served me well enough through the years but Ive never been one to just be average. Ive always wanted more, to be more, to do better than just good enough. My wife calls that me being ambitious but I refer to it as being bad ass! Let me smack you around with a couple of pieces of information and see if this doesnt inspire you to know more about tuning drums; did you know that the way to get the most sustain (how long the drum resonates) out of your drums is by tuning the top and bottom head to the same pitch? Did you know that if you tune the batter and resonant heads to different pitches it causes a pitch bend, produces less sustain and more attack? The bigger the difference in pitches between the heads, the greater the pitch bend and attack.

The Tune-Bot is incredibly easy to use and has a lot of features for a relatively small inexpensive device. Since the Tune-Bot tunes by frequency as opposed to head tension or some other method it is best to tune each drum individually - a little away from the other drums. This is so that you dont confuse the tuner with several drums resonating at once. I simply removed one tom at a time, loosened the tom heads all the way and then hand tightened them. Then I clipped the Tune-Bot onto the rim of my drum right in between two lugs. I started the way I normally would in small, even increments in the cross-lug star pattern. Once I got the drum head tight enough to start producing a distinguishable tone, the Tune-Bot started registering and feeding back visual data to me. You can tune by either pitch or note by selecting the desired mode but it is recommended that you use the pitch mode to get the lugs all set equally to the same pitch and then switch to the note mode to dial-in and fine tune the overall drum to a specific note should that be desired. The Tune-Bot comes with an easy to understand instruction guide and recommended starting points. I used the recommended starting points first and it got my drums sounds really good. Since then Ive been experimenting with the help of a guitar player buddy of mine that is very good with music theory tuning the drums heads to specific notes and have been getting incredible results.

Even though Ive been playing drums over twenty years the Tune-Bot has helped to teach me several things about tuning drums. Once I started using the Tune-Bot more I started to know right what Id need to do and was able to get almost where I need to be quickly by ear and then use the Tune-Bot to dial in the specifics. Thing is, it is ALL ABOUT paying attention to details. The Tune-Bot has helped me make my drum set sound much better than I was able to get it on my own, blindly. I guess it was kind of like trying to draw in the dark. The Tune-Bot sheds the light that is needed in order to create the picture youre trying draw tonaly.

Sound on Sound Magazine September 2012 - by Mark Gordon

To sum up, I find it hard to think of anything missing on the Tune-Bot, with its large, bright LCD, ability to display pitches in Hz and notes, a filter mode for tricky drums, and memory locations for favourite tunings.

And its not just drummers who will find the Tune-Bot useful. I can see it being an invaluable tool for any studio engineer presented with the task of recording a badly-tuned drum kit. Its not always possible to rely on the drummer to tune the kit, but you can take charge of the process yourself, armed with one of these little devils. The manual and manufacturer web site give example tunings for all manner of drum sizes and kit configurations, which are great starting points.
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